We developed a ~100M sqlite database that contains all of the SSPs, STPs and SCPs in the North-American Numbering Plan, as well as all of the switches in the U.K. They have point codes, CLLIs, addresses, geodetic coordinates, V&H, rate zones, local calling areas, and more.

When I get the time to do the CGI work to make it accessible online I will put it up here. The information is fairly current (I updated it about 6 months ago) and was compiled from publicly accessible information (NECA Tarrif 4 filings, Carrier access documents from AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink).

We will make this information publicly accessible here for free and provide access to download the entire database from time to time. Unexicon tools access this database for primary local exchange routing information. You will have an opportunity to update your own information under the assurance that we will never charge you to access your own data. We might take some flack for this, but you can't copyright the phone book.

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